Frequently Asked Questions about the Clinical Nutrition Center Store

Frequently Asked Questions



  • I agree that the products sold on this web site will NOT be used as my only source of nutrition or calories without the direct consent and supervision of the Clinical Nutrition Center Physician and staff.
  • The use of these products to do a very low calorie diet can be hazardous to ones health, with risks including muscle aches, fatigue, weakness, electrolyte disturbance, undesirable pattern of weight loss, failure to lose weight, gallbladder attacks, pancreatitis, gout, liver abnormalities, or even death.  I understand the medical risks if the products are not used as directed.  therefore, I release Clinical Nutrition Center of all liability should I deviate from these conditions.
  • Nutritional information is provided directly from the manufacturer’s labeling.
  • Web site purchases are for products only. We will not provide nutritional counseling or medical advice regarding the use of these products for web based purchases.
  • We recommend the use of our products ONLY  as part of a well-balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, starch, protein, and healthy fats, and strongly discourage the use of our products as a full meal replacement (unless you are currently under the care of our Physician and our staff and this is per our written consent) . Full meal replacement or very low calorie diets (<1200 calories/day) require both proper medical supervision by a specially trained physician and nutritional supervision by a registered dietitian.
  • Nutrition consultation is easily available by calling 303-750-9454 and scheduling an appointment either to be seen at the office, or for a phone consultation with one of our dietitians.

Privacy Information
• Your privacy is important, Clinical Nutrition Center does not share your personal information, and will never spam you. 
• Your personal information is transmitted between our website and using a SSL (secure certificate) connection to reduce duplication. It is also transmitted to the shipping company you choose to obtain real time rate information.
• We do offer an e-mailed newsletter, which you may opt in or out from at any time. Also, if you register your information on our site, we may periodically send out announcements regarding new products, coupon codes, etc. Again, you may opt out of receiving these announcements at any time.

Q: What about shipping?

A: We will ship anywhere in the United States. All of our products are shipped directly from our office in Denver, Colorado, usually within 2 Business Days (Weekends and Holidays excluded), although this is not guaranteed. In the event that a product is backordered and not expected for greater than 7 days, we will contact you for instructions.  When possible, we will re-use shipping cartons we receive product in, in an effort to be "green."

Colorado sales tax is added when appropriate.

Shipping fees apply to all packages based on UPS shipping rates.

You may elect to pick up your order at our office - in this case, there is no charge for shipping or handling.

Orders are only accepted within the United States.

 Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Credit Cards only - Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  Payments are processed securely.  Information is sent securely using a secure certificate from our web hosting company (Dreamhost) to our Credit Card Processing Gateway, and Vantiv, where the Credit Card Processing Occurs.  Credit Card information is not stored on the Clinical Nutrition Center servers, and all other security is from our Credit Card Processor.  In purchasing from us, you agree to any privacy policies and procudures from

 Q: What is the return policy?

A: We can not accept returns on items purchased from our store, so please be aware of this at the time of ordering.  If an incorrect item is shipped or an ordered item is omitted, please notify us immediately so the situation can be resolved to your satisfaction.

If an item is damaged during shipping, please notify us immediately.  We will ask that you return the damaged item prior to our shipping you a replacement.  Alternatively, we may at our option offer a refund or a store credit, depending on your preference.

 Q: How are these products different from those at the grocery or health food store?

A: We stock medical-grade foods that have passed the taste test of our patients and the nutritional standards of our registered dietitians.  We aim for high quality protein, low calories, low fat and in particular, low carbohydrates.  Thus, the products are filling, nutritious, tasty and good for the individual trying to lose weight, maintain weight loss, or just have a healthy meal throughout the day.  Many of our most successful patients find the products helpful for weight loss and continue to use 1 to 2 meal replacements per day in maintenance as well.  Recent studies have clearly shown this to be beneficial for long-term weight control.

 Q: Will you provide counseling on how to use the items on the web site?

A: Items purchased from our web site are sold "as is," and do NOT include nutritional or medical consultation.  We will not be able to answer medical or nutritional questions other than what is indicated on the product labels.

These foods are intended to be used as part of a balanced diet.  Use of these products as your sole source of nutrition can be hazardous to your health or even deadly and is not recommended.  If you intend to use these products for the purpose of weight loss, we recommend using them as part of a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fat, and starch.  Calorie counts below 1200 calories/day should only be attempted with proper nutritional and medical consultation from a physician and a registered dietitian trained in the use of very low calorie diets.  We can not be held accountable if these products are used in a way other than described here.

Q: Why aren't certain foods such as those manufactured by OPTIFAST listed in the store?

A: Certain product manufacturers do not allow web based sales.  These products may only be purchased at our center.


This information was last updated 9/28/2016, and is subject to change at any time.