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Street Tango CD

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Astor Piazzolla took traditional tango and infused it with classical concepts and jazz ideas. He intended his Nuevo Tango as music to be listened to, not just danced to. Piazzolla's music initially drew the derision of tango purists, yet he forged ahead and - with unparalleled mastery of his chosen instrument, the bandoneon - integrated traditional tango with other musical influences and freer cadences. He drew from impressionism, contemporary atonality, and improvised elements to create music that became accessible and appealing to new audiences. Today he is credited for revitalizing tango such that it has now become part of the repertoire for musicians across a broad spectrum of genres.

Musicians aspire to achieve moments in which they become one with their instruments, creating music from their souls. On June 18, 2012, for an audience of over a thousand people, Ethan Lazarus and Carl Algermissen gave a performance filled with such moments. That concert in Chicago, Illinois, served as the inspiration for this album, and many of the arrangements that premiered that evening are captured here.

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