The Mind Diet e-Book

The Mind Diet e-Book

Author:  Irv Brechner

Contributer:  Ethan Lazarus, MD

Most people fail at losing weight and keeping it off simply because they don't have a solid, well thought-out plan. I should know, I was one of them.

Buying a weight loss video or book, or signing up for diet food delivery is NOT a plan. It's just one part of a plan.

After losing a lot of weight safely and keeping it off for years, I wrote a book about my experience that is unlike any other diet book in existence.

The Mind Diet is a step-by-step action plan to jump start your weight loss program and it works with any specific diet you choose. It will help you get to a critical "state of mind" in order for you to:

  • Lose weight by avoiding addictive, toxic foods.
  • Keep off the weight with an unbreakable wall of willpower.
  • Look great as you drop sizes.
  • Feel wonderful by being lighter.
  • Enjoy life that much more with a healthy and active lifefstyle.


by the author, Irv Brechner

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