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Iced Coffee Drink (caffeinated)
Price: $2.75
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(4.75 out of 5 with 4 votes)
Product Description:

Chike Iced Coffee is a delicious way to enjoy your coffee and your protein! With 2 Espresso Shots, 20 grams of Whey Protein, 23 Vitamins & Minerals & only 2 grams of Sugar - it's the perfect drink to kickstart your day or fight the midday slump! The excuses for skipping breakfast are officially over!

Iced Coffee drink is sold in individual packets with 1 serving each. This drink is caffeinated and is equivalent to 2 espresso shots.


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Iced Coffee/ Frappuccino!!!!!!
Irysha Boone (CO) - April 4th 2013
I thought I'd enhance the iced coffee, so I added decaf coffee as a substitute instead of water....then added crushed ice. It was extremely delicious, once i placed it in a Starbucks it really felt like a nice treat.
Best New Product!
Andrea Clark (WA) - April 3rd 2013
Chike is just what I needed. Taste GREAT!!!! It is very FILLING and lasts quite awhile. Also it does give me an energy boost. No caffeine shakes, just a great way to start the day or as Doctor Lazarus mentions a great afternoon filler. Thanks for bringing this to the clinic so we could sample! Mmmmmm
My new favorite
Ethan Lazarus (CO) - April 2nd 2013
I have a new favorite - Chike iced coffee. With all our foods available at the front desk, I find myself really enjoying a chike in the early afternoon to help fill me up, give a little energy boost, and make it so I'm not starving at the end of the day. Cudos to Chike for making a drink with so much real coffee flavor!
LOVE this coffee drink!
Aimee (Lone Tree, USA) - April 1st 2013
This drink is going to replace my morning Starbucks run .... AND it has 20 grams of protein. The drink is creamy and sweet- I like to mix it with water and ice and blend it and then bring it with me on the go. This is a caffeinated drink- so I can skip my morning espresso.