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Okay seriously --- forget every other snack -- These Rule
Reviewed on September 3rd 2020
These are as good as they look - not kidding. Crisp and chocolaty, filling and bigger than you might be used to. I prefer the chocolate over the vanilla but nice to have a choice. Two are wrapped per serving and now that I turned people on to them, I have to buy twice as many just to share. Simply wonderful with coffee or alone and can make the perfect meal replacement because they fill you up!
Malted milk balls for the diet conscious
Reviewed on September 3rd 2020
If you stay on this diet, treats like this are a must-have replacement for a cheese stick. You can let them dissolve in your mouth one at a time for nice treat all day or you can do what I do and stuff as many as I can in one sitting. Great snack to have because it satisfies the chocolate craving, stops the hunger and lasts as long as you want them to.
Makes water better
Reviewed on September 3rd 2020
I LOVE putting one of these in my water bottle because it MAKES me drink all of it! Zero after taste, just the right amount of tart and you can take them anywhere because they are in individual little packets. These really will make you drink your water sing and fill you up. You know the best part for me is it's effervescent -- fizzes when it hits the water so you know it's gonna mix just fine!
Morning Life Saver
Reviewed on September 3rd 2020
I need a morning bowl of cereal and I was missing the decadent ones on the commercial market. When Proti came out with these I couldn't wait to try it and I wasn't disappointed. You don't' have to go hungry to be on this diet thanks to flavorful products like this one. the chocolate isn't overwhelming yet you can tell it's in there. With Almomd Milk it's an essential part of my day!
Reviewed on September 3rd 2020
This cereal has been my staple for years. Not sure how someone would think them overly sweet but tastebuds vary. This is portion-controlled (I do two packets) with strawberries and breakfast is no longer a sacrifice. The chocolate counterpart is just as good. Be sure to let it sit for a minute to really let the cereal relax and then simply enjoy!
Honey Nut Cereal
Price: $12.50