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Surprisingly good!
Reviewed on December 3rd 2011
Well, it is finally snowing today, and the kids and I spent the morning making a snow man and going sledding. When we came in, they were cold, so we decided to try the Amaretto Hot Chocolate. What a treat! Really tastes like the real thing - nice consistency, good chocolate flavor without being too sweet. This one is worth trying!
Highly Recommended
Reviewed on November 14th 2011
This is the language of food.
My favorite soup we've ever had!
Reviewed on November 5th 2011
Who ever knew that textured soy protein could taste so good! I was shocked with how good this was when we first got it in, and it has remained one of my favorites. This is worth trying.
Inexpensive and potent
Reviewed on November 5th 2011
A very high quality multivitamin at a great price!
Price: $10.00
Thick and filling
Reviewed on August 9th 2011
If you having tried the creme flavors, now is the time. I love to mix the strawberry creme with the chocolate pudding for a 200 calorie mid-afternoon snack at the office. I get home with plenty of energy left and I'm not starving. These mix up thicker, which I think is part of the reason they are so filling.
Delicious! I can't believe they are healthy.
Reviewed on August 9th 2011
I think this is the best tasting protein bar we've ever carried at CNC. I love these before a workout, or use 1/2 mid-morning and another half mid-afternoon to cut down on appetite at my main meals during the day.
Peppermint Cocoa Crunch Bar
Regular Price: $16.75
Sale Price: $14.24
The most popular item at CNC
Reviewed on August 9th 2011
These are delicious AND convenient! I LOVE the Mocha.