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Vegetarian Chili with Beans
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Product Description:

This delicious Vegetarian Chili with Beans is a great meal.  Just mix with water and eat!  

100 Calories, 12 gm Protein, 1 gm Fat, 12 gm Carbohydrate

Each box contains 7 individually packaged servings.


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Love this!
Joyce (NC) - September 27th 2018
When I lived at altitude, I had to adjust the microwave directions to 6 oz water in a really tall bowl (it will boil over otherwise) for 2 minutes, stir, then 1 1/2 minutes more. So hearty and tastes great! Impossible to believe it has no meat in it.
My favorite soup we've ever had!
Dr. Lazarus (Denver, CO) - November 5th 2011
Who ever knew that textured soy protein could taste so good! I was shocked with how good this was when we first got it in, and it has remained one of my favorites. This is worth trying.
Great Soup
Aimee (CO) - August 11th 2011
This soup is much heartier than I would have expected and it tastes great and even smells great. if you plan ahead you can add some chopped tomato, bell pepper and avocado and then it is a really satisfying, fresh meal!